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Driver Education Course (Part A & Part B)

Part A (Classroom):

25 hours of in-class sessions divided into four colour coded units (Green, Blue, Red, Yellow)
Learn at your own pace and choose your preferred location. (E.g. Four Saturdays in Dartmouth, four Sundays in Halifax, two Saturdays and two Sundays at both locations etc.)
Take your own schedule to complete all four units in any order.







Part 1

How the car runs

Basic manoeuvres

Night driving

Defensive driving

Forming good habits

Highway driving

Drinking & driving


Knowing your car

Home assignment

Drugs & driving

Interacting with others

Other drivers        


A good driver


Part 2

Driver’s handbook

City driving

Keeping fit to drive

First aid

Traffic signs & lights

Vision and perception

Country driving

Car insurance

Rules of the road

Errors of others

Winter driving

Advance skills

Laws of Nature


  Adverse conditions

  Buying a car

Basic skills


   Basic car care

Antilock brakes



Saturdays: Unit B101, 63 Tacoma Drive, Dartmouth, [Side entrance].
Sundays: Saint Mary's University, Halifax.


Start: 11:55 a.m
Finish: 6:30 p.m.

(Note: for first time students who have not previously registered, please arrive 30 minutes before the start of class)

Please click Schedule for more information.

Part B (Practical):

10 hours in-car training (one-on-one)

Please call 434-1668, or e-mail us to schedule your personal in-car training session.

Note that all students must have a beginner's permit for this portion of the course.

Please be advised that missed appointments, arrival without license or cancelation without 4 hours prior notice will be subject to charge (as scheduled).

In-Car Training:

Additional in-car sessions can be arranged on an as needed basis.


Methods: Cash, Cheque, Visa or Master Card

Option 1: One installment
Option 2: Two installments
Option 3: Pay as you go